Friday, December 17, 2010

Basic Doll Pattern

Been searching for an ideal doll pattern all these times....most pattern didn't suit my idea of 'ideal', so I'm trying to create one....

This is still a rough pattern, haven't write the pattern down properly....just want to see how does it look, the size and overall appearance...tell me what you think...i will post the pattern you like her....

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Arianna Mermaid

I've always love to crochet dolls....and this is the latest doll I've crochet.....

Arianna Mermaid


I've used 3.5 mm crochet hook, and 100% acrylic yarn.

This doll is about 14" tall (head to fin).

Crochet Kokeshi Doll

 The crochet Kokeshi Doll which i have made.....each of them is unique, none have the same hairstyle.

The Shy One

This is the 1st doll I made. The hair is plain with just ribbon on the head.

The Pampered One

This will be the 2nd sister. Has small flower with white bead attached to the hair. I love the color of this one.

The Cute One

The 3rd sister. Add two buns on the head



The Serious One

The 4th sister. One bun on the head.

The Trendy One
The Mysterious One

The 5th sister. Curled hair.

 The 6th sister. Black color hair.

Pattern is from Yuuii - Amigurumi Kokeshi Doll by Alexandra Boonstra (published in LittleBlueClipperDesigns) It's a cute pattern...I don't quite fancy small amigurumis, but this is addictive pattern, simple and very fast to make.

I did a few modifications to the pattern....the head and body are crocheted continuously because i don't like sewing. By doing that, I also have made the base flat, so the doll can stand on their own.....